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Virtual Villages at BJBE provide an opportunity to connect with each other via Zoom* around a variety of topics.  Please indicate below which groups you'd be interested in joining. 

Don't see a topic that strikes your fancy?  Suggest a topic. 

Is there a topic for a group that you would like to facilitate?  Let us know! 

We will keep adding groups based as suggestions and as facilitators become available.

The number of meetings may vary.  We will begin to form groups based on responses and hope to launch the week of March 30. We hope you will participate weekly.

*A call-in number will also be available for those unable to use Zoom.

Sessions will begin in January.

Kundalini Yoga is known as Yoga of Awareness. This style of yoga cleanses our body and mind from accumulated stress and detoxifies us. It opens up our energy centers, strengthens our nervous system, and unifies our mind and body.  Practicing Kundalini yoga also is very healthy for the body because it works all the internal systems. Participants often notice that they feel refreshed, renewed and revitalized.  Kundalini Yoga is known for the  speed and ease in which benefits transfer off the mat and into daily life. With Kundalini Yoga, participants can feel better fast.

We combine asana (movement), mantra (sound), pranayam (breath) and mudra (hand positions), with emphasis on sound (chanting) meditation. 

Every exercise set becomes a moving meditation. It offers us an opportunity to find calm in the midst of chaos. Kundalini yoga is for everyone. No prior experience is needed. We will also be weaving in Jewish concepts to our practice each week.
A chance to get together to talk about a potpourri of topics of no depth!
This Village, facilitated by Sally Sachar, listens to and discusses podcasts focused on American history and federal policy. Last year they listened to Hope Through History (Jon Meacham), and History This Week (Sally Helm). You will also hear from guest speakers from time to time. Podcasts on the roster for 2021 include continuing to listen to History This Week as well as other compelling history focused podcasts including on compelling speeches (Jon Meacham), America's first ladies, and others.
Join Rabbi Fenster for conversations about how we are coping with changing roles and changing realities.
Participants will watch a film ahead of time (to begin, films will be available on Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Prime) and then gather on Zoom to discuss. We will be choosing films that challenge and even provoke us as viewers---Indie films, foreign films, occasional blockbusters, etc. Each session will begin with a short presentation about the film, followed by discussion. 
Join Hedda to discuss a new must-read book each month.  
Miss seeing your friends at Post Carpool Club Events? Join us for a schmooze and maybe some guest speakers.
Whether this is your first time trying mindfulness and meditation techniques or you are a veteran, please join Margot Andersen as she teaches and guides you through a 30 minute mindfulness practice.  We will start with poetry, reading, or a bit of Torah to ground us before we enter into stillness to find calm within the chaos of our times.
Educators are facing new challenges as we continue to provide meaningful connection and content to our students! Come share successes of your week and connect with other teachers and education professionals.
Sat, October 16 2021 10 Cheshvan 5782